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Getting Introduced

Bubble Maker FJ$80 pp(8yrs-10yrs)

Includes 30 min pool session. Introduce the young ones to the underwater world in a safe and controlled pool environment

Discover Scuba Certificate

FJ$235 pp

The next step involves tutorials and a ocean experience. Includes Certificate

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Individual 1 tank Dive: FJ$145 - Includes all equipment

Two Tank Morning Dive: FJ$250 - Includes all equipment

Night Dive :FJ$190 - Includes all equipment

Shark Experience: FJ$285 - Includes all equipment *must be certified

Please note: For your safety our dive shop staff are required to sight your travel insurance Documents/policy prior to booking a dive. Regrettably if you do not have travel insurance vertical Blue Dive Centre can not take you diving.

All prices include Dive gear. All prices quoted and charged in FJ$. Prices are quoted per person unless otherwise stated. Prices cannot be split or shared. Double Dives cannot be splitand must be used on the same dive. Divers must report to Dive shop and Instructor 30mins prior to Dive.


Night Dive: FJ$155 pp - Individual Dive: FJ$99 pp - Scuba Review: FJ$95 pp

Resort Package: FJ$450 pp - 2 x Morning Double Dives

Lagoon Package: FJ$599 ppĀ  - 3 x Morning Double Dives

Island Package: FJ$750 pp - 4 x Morning Double Dives

Vertical Package: FJ$860 pp - 5 x Morning Double Dives

Unlimited Package: FJ$999 pp - Unlimited Diving on Schedules Dives incl. 1 x Night Dive